Sure! Most of our clients play Paintball for the first time with us. Our instructor will explain in detail the rules of the game and how to use the equipment.

Being hit with a paintball ball can be compared to a slight stab. The condition for safe play is to follow the recommendations, such as distance and game mode.

Dress for sports, which is simply comfortable. Each participant receives a special protective uniform, so you do not have to worry about your clothes. However, the dye may reach the clothes under the suit. Remember that the paintballs are filled with safe food coloring that is easy to wash off.

Paintball is a trendy attraction in Zakopane – both among individual tourists and groups. Therefore, it is definitely worth booking the field in advance.

You can make a reservation quickly and conveniently ONLINE – it is not only a guarantee of safety but also availability and the lowest price.

To have as much fun as possible from the game of Paintball, we invite children from 8 years of age.