1. Compliance with these regulatory statements and the staff’s instructions is obligatory for all participants standing on the field of paintball game.
  2. Only participants who have read and accepted these Regulations and have been permitted by the staff members can enter the field of paintball game./li>
  3. Only persons over 18 years of age and with a document confirming their identity can participate in the game. For younger participants, the written consent of the legal guardian is required.
  4. People under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants cannot participate in the game.
  5. Before the game starts, each participant will learn how to use the equipment and the rules.
  6. Only people who take part in the game or have been eliminated and leave the field and the referees may be standing on the paintball field.
  7. You can shoot a pneumatic weapon, also referred to as a “marker gun” or “paintball rifle,” only in a strictly designated area of the game.
  8. Each participant of the game is obliged to follow the rules of the game.
  9. Each participant is required to wear a protective mask throughout the entire game. The mask must not be removed, not only on the field but also behind the nets. The nets only have a masking function and not a protective one. The mask may only be removed in a safe area outside the field of play. Removing the mask may result in a hit on an unprotected face causing severe injury, including loss of vision.
  10. All players outside the play area must point the marker gun barrel to the ground and secure its trigger. A deprotected marker gun can only be in the strictly designated area.
  11. There is a total ban on shooting and directing shots outside the field of play.
  12. It is strictly forbidden to shoot any objects, animals, or people not participating in the game.
  13. The minimum distance from which you can shoot the player is 5 meters.
  14. All participants are obliged to stop the game on the referee’s signal immediately, in the event of an unauthorized appearance on the field of play or the mask being removed by one of the game participants.
  15. Physical contact between participants on the field of play is prohibited.
  16. A player can be eliminated from the game when:
  • being hit by a paintball ball that leaves a trace of paint,
  • player own declare his exclusion from the game, which cannot be withdrawn,
  • referee or field staff decide to eliminate the participant from the game because the player does not comply with the rules of the game.
  1. If a participant wants to leave the field to refill the paintballs, gas, or correct a jammed marker gun, he must let the referee know and act precisely like the eliminated participant.
  2. The player who has been eliminated does not take off his mask. He raises his free arm straight up, and with the other hand, he holds the marker, lowering the barrel of the gun towards the ground and leaving the playing field by the shortest possible route. During this time, it is forbidden to speak to your teammates and give them signs.
  3. The game can be played using the organizer’s paintballs only.
  4. It is not permitted to disassemble, adjust, or upgrade the weapons yourself. Mainly, you should avoid contamination of weapons, e.g., with soil.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to shoot with used balls, balls found dirty, wet, or of unknown origin, as this may damage the marker gun.
  6. In the event of any irregularities or malfunctions of the weapon or equipment, stop the game and contact the staff.
  7. In the event of blameworthy damage to the weapon or equipment, material liability is applied.
  8. People who do not comply with the regulations and pose a threat to their own or others’ health will be removed immediately from the field of play without the possibility of a refund of the paid game fee.